Research shows pets are good for business.

The numbers are clear: people value their pets.

And pet-inclusive policies could help rental owners and operators
gain a competitive edge.

2 in 3

American homes have pets.


say their pet has been a reason for needing to move.


of rental housing operators say pet-friendly vacancies can be filled faster.

Pet-Inclusive Housing Report

Our Pet-Inclusive Housing Report highlights the benefits of pet-friendly rental housing by sharing new data and market-based solutions that benefit all – so operators, residents and communities win together.

Most Owners and Operators Love Pets

The majority of rental housing operators love pets – yet significant restrictions on pets in rental housing present hurdles for pet owners.

Pet-friendly Units Boost the Bottom Line

Pet-friendly vacancies are good for the bottom line, and rental housing operators can come out ahead financially by enacting pet-inclusive policies.

Pet Friendliness Is a Popular Amenity

Pet owners say that pet friendliness is one of the most important amenities when looking for housing, second only to budget.

Millions More Animals Could Find Homes

With common-sense easing of restrictions over time, up to 8.2 million more animals could find homes in pet-inclusive rental housing.

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Pet-Inclusive Housing Report today!

I have example after example of renters who visited one of our comp properties, then ended up renting from us because we were the one who would accept their pet. Not only have we realized the growth of a happier, longer-tenured renter pool and enjoyed increased revenue, we’ve created a greater sense of community at our properties and helped people and pets stay together. That’s a win-win no matter how you slice it.

Jamin Harkness

EVP, The Management Group (TMG)

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Resources For Rental Housing Operators

We have research, resources and toolkits to help renters work with rental housing operators to take advantage of creating pet-friendly opportunities in ways that benefit everyone.

Tackling Misconceptions

Learn why common pet restrictions may not be financially necessary in rental housing.

Toward Pets

See how residents and rental housing operators feel about pets in their rental communities.

Pet-Positive Pet Agreement

Download a sample Pet Agreement with recommended requirements, responsibilities and pet policies to share with your rental housing operator.

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Read the latest news, trends and tips in building more pet-friendly communities.

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