pet-inclusive housing initiative

At the Pet-Inclusive Housing Initiative, we believe people and pets belong together – no matter where they live.

I’m a Rental Housing Operator

Discover the benefits of offering pet-inclusive rentals, plus pet-positive rental agreements and other resources.

I’m a Pet Owner

Find resources and support for being a community-friendly pet owner.

I’m an Animal Welfare Organization

Looking to support happier, healthier rental housing communities? Explore our resources for plenty of tips and helpful information.

The 2024 Pets & Housing Awards

Join us for the 2024 Pets and Housing Awards! Michelson Found Animals is proud to be presenting our third annual Pets and Housing Awards virtually on June 12, 2024.

Pet-Inclusive Scorecard

Is your rental housing property truly pet-inclusive, or is it just pet-friendly?
The team at Michelson Found Animals’ Pet-Inclusive Housing Initiative
developed an easy-to-use scorecard to help you answer that question.

Pet-Inclusive Housing Report

Download the Pet-Inclusive Housing Report for data and market-based solutions.

What is the Difference Between Pet-Friendly and Pet-Inclusive?