The Pet-Inclusive (PI) Scorecard

Is your rental housing property truly pet-inclusive, or is it just pet-friendly? The team at Michelson Found Animals’ Pet-Inclusive Housing Initiative (PIHI) developed an easy-to-use scorecard to help you answer that question. By providing information in several categories (policies, amenities, fees), the scorecard will reveal whether your property is merely ‘pet-friendly’ or if you have achieved true pet-inclusive status. In the future, you’ll also be able to benchmark your property against similar properties to see how you rank. If your property is already pet-inclusive, you’ll have yet another marketing tool with which to promote your inclusivity, and if your score leaves room for improvement, it may serve as a roadmap for becoming more welcoming.

What is the PI Scorecard?

The PI Scorecard is a simple online tool that uses a 100-point scale to rate rental properties based on how pet-inclusive their policies are. Factors impacting the PI Score include breed and size restrictions, pet-related fees, and basic amenities such as outside spaces for dogs and waste stations.

What is the purpose of the PI Score?

The main purpose of the score is to give rental housing operators a better understanding of how pet-inclusive their policies really are. Over time, the scores will allow rental housing operators to compare their pet inclusiveness to that of a similar group of rental properties. PIHI will also use these scores as a basis for recognizing the properties that are going the furthest to become pet-inclusive.

What are the benefits of the PI Scorecard?

The PI Scorecard benefits rental housing operators by highlighting areas that could make their properties more attractive to the growing segment of pet parents. For properties that are already pet-inclusive, the scorecard provides an easy measure to reference and market around. Over time, housing operators will be able to compare their PI Score to those of other properties.

The PI Scorecard will also benefit pet parents, as they can identify the most welcoming rental communities, making it easier to sort through the many properties that are “pet-friendly” but not pet-inclusive.

How is the PI Scorecard completed?

  • Click the link to access the online PI Scorecard.
  • Fill out descriptive information about your property.
  • Use the dropdown menus to complete the fields with questions about your pet policies – there are fewer than 10 questions.
  • View and download your score immediately.
  • Explore the recommended resources.
  • Optional: Contact the PIHI team with questions or for a discussion about how to become more pet-inclusive or how to market your pet-inclusive communities.



Want to see how the scorecard works? Check out this short video.