Explore the research that shows pet-inclusive policies benefit everyone.


Resources For Rental Housing Operators

We have research, resources, and actionable tools to help rental housing operators take advantage of creating pet-inclusive opportunities in ways that benefit everyone.

Tackling Misconceptions

Learn why common pet restrictions may not be financially necessary in rental housing.

Attitudes Toward Pets

See how residents and rental housing operators feel about pets in their rental communities.

How & Why to Eliminate Breed & Weight Restrictions

Pet Personality Profile (PPP)

Get to know each pet by using the PPP as an alternative to arbitrary pet restrictions

Sample Pet Agreement

Properties can use this thoughtful pet agreement to help establish clear community expectations.

Making the Case for Pet-Inclusive Policies

Property managers can advocate for dropping restrictions by using these talking points.

Insurance Discovery Tip Sheet

Learn how to take action when property insurance is perceived as a barrier to pet inclusiveness.

Understanding the Fair Housing Act

Learn more about the Fair Housing Act (FHA), which prevents discrimination against tenants in their rental homes.

Pet-Inclusive Scorecard

Is your rental housing property truly pet-inclusive, or is it just pet-friendly? The team at Michelson Found Animals’ Pet-Inclusive Housing Initiative developed an easy-to-use scorecard to help you answer that question.

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I have example after example of renters who visited one of our comp properties, then ended up renting from us because we were the one who would accept their pet. Not only have we realized the growth of a happier, longer-tenured renter pool and enjoyed increased revenue, we’ve created a greater sense of community at our properties and helped people and pets stay together. That’s a win-win no matter how you slice it.

Jamin Harkness

EVP, The Management Group (TMG)

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Read the latest news, trends, and tips in building more pet-inclusive communities.

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Cracking Down on Junk Fees: What Could It Mean for Pet Fees?

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Is Marketing ‘Pet-Friendly’ Enough?

Is Marketing ‘Pet-Friendly’ Enough?

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