Help build happier, healthier communities. Use our animal welfare organization resources to engage rental housing operators with pet-inclusive policies.

animal welfare organization resources
animal welfare organization resources

Resources for Animal Welfare Organizations

Animal shelters and rescues are often on the receiving end of pet surrenders due to issues with housing. Our animal welfare organization resources can help you effectively engage rental housing operators with pet-inclusive policies.

talk to rental housing operators

How to Talk to Rental Housing Operators About Their Pet Policies

Have more effective conversations by recognizing the objectives and concerns of these businesses, and be prepared with appeals that demonstrate the benefits of being pet-inclusive.

adoption and foster events

How to Work With Local Rental Housing Communities to Set Up Adoption and Foster Events

Check out these helpful tips to pursue adoption and foster initiatives with rental housing operators.


How to Celebrate Pet-Inclusive Properties

There’s nothing more effective when it comes to spreading the word about pet-inclusivity than celebrating those communities that already embrace pets without restrictions.

Fair Housing Act

Help Pet Owners Understand the Fair Housing Act

Shelters have a unique opportunity to help prevent surrender by empowering pet owners and new adopters with information about the Fair Housing Act. Please note: This information does not constitute legal advice.

Get Funding

How to Get Funding for Pet Deposits, Fees, and Rent

One of the ways shelters can help keep more pets in their homes is by offering help with pet deposits, fees, and rent. This tip sheet on funding pet fees will help you get started.

More Resources for Animal Welfare Organizations

More Pet-Inclusive Resources for Animal Welfare Organizations

We are inspired by the work of other organizations in the pet-inclusive space and are excited to highlight their resources.