Your pet is part of your family. Together, you can be a vital part of your community.

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Data Highlights for Pet Owners

Through our survey, we found data on what pet owners already know to be true:
people value their pets, and offering pet-inclusive rental solutions benefits everyone.


of pet owners say they would get an additional pet if pet restrictions were lifted.


of non-pet owners in non-pet-friendly housing say they want a pet.

8.75 M

million pets could find good homes if pet-related restrictions were eased.


Help your pet become a welcomed and loved part of the community by following some easy tips aimed at keeping everyone happy.


Help your pet get to know your neighbors – both people and pets. Just first make sure the others welcome the attention.

Pick it up

Poop is part of pethood. When nature calls, make sure you immediately clean up after your pet and properly dispose of the waste.


Giving your pet enough exercise and mental stimulation is key to helping them release energy. Without it, pets might develop negative behavioral issues.


Ensure your pet is always wearing an identification tag and that their registration is up to date. Also, consider microchipping your pet in case they ever get lost.


Prevent your pet from sharing unwanted attention or wandering where they’re not supposed to by always leashing up. Consider working with your community to create an off-leash park where pets can roam free.


Teaching your pet basic commands not only helps you build a pet-positive community; understanding simple cues like “sit” and “stay” can help save their life in an emergency situation.


When considering a new pet, do your research to make an informed decision, and choose one that’s a good fit for your home and lifestyle. Be ready to care for the pet throughout their entire life.


You and your pet are lucky to have each other. Giving your pet love and attention not only strengthens your bond, it helps build a more pet-positive community all together.

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Our 190-pound Great Dane Mastiff mix cut down on the number of places that we could move into. It was difficult to find one that would let us have a dog that size. But then we found The Crest and really liked it and have been happy with everything so far.


Resident at pet-inclusive rental community in Naples, FL

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