2021 Pet-Inclusive Housing Report

The 2021 Pet-Inclusive Housing Report highlights the importance of pet-inclusive rental housing. This report provides data and market-based solutions that benefit all – rental housing owner/operators, residents, and pets. The Pet-Inclusive Housing Report serves as the foundational research for the Pet-Inclusive Housing Initiative (PIHI). From the research, PIHI creates helpful pet-inclusive resources and tools for rental housing operators, renters, and animal welfare organizations.

The Pet-Inclusive Housing Report demonstrates that significant restrictions on pets in rental housing present hurdles for pet owners. It also shows that the majority of rental housing owners and operators love pets. Increasing the availability of pet-inclusive housing can help more families find homes. Bridging the gap from just pet-friendly to truly pet-inclusive can help millions of animals find new homes over time. The report also supports that rental housing operators are more likely to see economic benefit through pet-inclusive policies. Michelson Found Animals Foundation and the Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI) look forward to sharing the Pet-Inclusive Housing Report to create more pet-inclusive housing for healthier, more connected communities.


The Pet-Inclusive Housing Initiative was created to build a stronger and more pet-inclusive rental housing industry. To invigorate the initiative, Michelson Found Animals Foundation teamed up with the Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI). Together, they commission research to better understand pet-related housing issues and find the right solutions to help keep people and pets together. From this research, the Pet-Inclusive Housing Initiative develops resources, partnerships, and actionable tools to increase the availability of truly pet-inclusive rental housing. We are working hard to increase pet-inclusive rental housing because we believe everyone should have access to the joy of pets – and, in turn, that pets help communities grow stronger.