Case Study #1: The Management Group, Presented by The Pet Inclusive Housing Initiative

The Management Group (TMG), an Atlanta-based multifamily property management firm, aspired to become one of the most pet-inclusive operators in the Southeast United States.

Doing so involved a few bold moves. By eliminating breed and weight restrictions, adopting innovative pet technology resources, and elevating pet-friendliness to its full potential, TMG’s revamp of pet policies has led to a tremendous 80% renewal rate among pet-owning residents. 

Like many management companies, TMG had a standard set of pet policies including breed and weight restrictions. It became increasingly apparent that the Atlanta-based firm could benefit from a more modern approach. This was
especially evident as more and more residents attempted to bring dogs in under the guise of an assistance animal, many of which were on TMG’s restricted list.

When we would say, ‘I’m sorry, that’s not an assistance animal,’ they would provide a fake certificate that we knew was available on the internet for $25,” said Jamin Harkness, partner and Executive Vice President of TMG.

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PIHI Case Study #1: The Management Group