Best Friends Animal Society and Michelson Found Animals Partner to Offer Resources to Increase Pet-Inclusive Housing

August 3, 2023

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Affordable housing is hard to find, and it’s especially difficult with a large dog. Size, weight, and breed restrictions force many families to make the heartbreaking decision to surrender their pets and also prevent people from adopting — leading to more pressure on already overcrowded public animal shelters. 

Best Friends Animal Society and Michelson Found Animals are working together to increase pet-inclusive housing through research, policy and legislative change, and by providing tools, resources and education for dog owners, and rental owner/operators. Best Friends and Michelson Found Animals aim to empower renters to educate owner/operators about why allowing all good dogs, regardless of their size or breed, is good for the owner/operators, the renters, and animal shelters. 

Arbitrary housing barriers, most often regarding size or breed, are the number one reason dogs are surrendered by their family to a shelter. Sadly, big dogs wait in shelters much longer than small dogs. In addition, they are at a significantly higher risk of euthanasia because inaccurate stereotypes about the space and care they require cause many landlords to restrict dogs based on their size and/or breed. Michelson Found Animals Foundation and the Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI) released a 2021 Pet-Inclusive Housing Report, and the residents surveyed said pet-inclusive housing is hard to find and too expensive. Arbitrary pet policies caused nearly a quarter of respondents to move, and 14% of respondents surrendered their beloved pet because of their housing situation. 

Easing restrictions to create pet-inclusive housing saves lives. Best Friends has dedicated a web page to helping big dogs and their humans. Here, we encourage people to adopt from their local shelters and urge them to get involved in advocacy. Michelson Found Animals worked with Best Friends to create resources for tenants, including talking points supported by data about why petinclusive policies are good for owner/operators, a downloadable pet resume, and doggy date trading cards. The Pet Inclusive-Housing Report found that 33% of pet-owning residents would adopt another pet if restrictions on their rental housing were lifted. With a common-sense easing of restrictions over time, up to 8.2 million more animals could find homes in pet-inclusive rental housing. This will save the lives of these animals as well as improve the lives of their owners. 

“Most Americans view their pets as members of the family, and arbitrary breed and size barriers in housing force families to choose between keeping their pets or keeping a roof over their heads,” said Kelsey Gilmore-Futeral, legislative attorney for Best Friends Animal Society. “We are facing a national housing shortage, which affects people with limited resources more acutely than others.” 

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