Oculus Realty’s No Pet Restrictions Policy: Case Study #2

Multifamily Housing Operator Embraces No-Restrictions Pet Policies, Welcomes All Cats and Dogs.


Oculus Realty Pet Inclusive Case Study

Case Study #2: Oculus Realty, Presented by The Pet Inclusive Housing Initiative

Oculus Realty, a Metro D.C. area multifamily housing operator, is one of the industry leaders regarding pets in its communities. In Spring 2019, Oculus Realty decided to implement a “no pet restrictions” policy and dropped breed and weight restrictions for dogs.

K. David Meit, CPM, Principal of Oculus Realty, and his team worked on new solutions to make their properties more pet inclusive by getting business associates on board, like insurance companies Travelers and Hartford Mutual, expanding pet services and events by partnering with third-party vendors and local business such as Bark Buildings and Petco.

Meit had never owned a dog, but his daughter crafted a compelling PowerPoint presentation in 2017 about the kind of
dog they should get, and why, convincing Meit to welcome the family’s first furry friend.

Meit joked that after that presentation, he “got religion” when it came to canines. This sent him and the Oculus team down a path toward greater inclusiveness of pets and a stronger position in the metro D.C. multifamily market.

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PIHI Case Study #2: Oculus Realty