J.C. Hart Expands Pet Inclusivity and Adoption Awareness: Case Study #3

Expanding pet inclusivity and adoption awareness through increased commitment and volunteerism.

J.C. Hart Pet Inclusivity and Adoption Awareness Case Study

Case Study #3: J.C. Hart Company, Presented by The Pet Inclusive Housing Initiative

Indiana-based multifamily housing operator, J.C. Hart Company, earned the most successful pet-adoption event award at the inaugural Michelson Found Animals 2022 AIM Pet Awards. Most J.C. Hart properties currently have no breed and weight restrictions, and the company has a measured approach to becoming completely pet-inclusive and spreading awareness about adopting pets.

Understanding that restrictions on pets may also restrict growth and possibilities, J.C. Hart has taken a gradual and strategic approach to its shift in pet policies and evaluating guidelines by each property.

In Indiana, love and appreciation of pets are abundantly apparent; the state ranks fifth nationwide for pet ownership in 2022 according to World Population Review, consistently ranks in the top ten of pet-friendly states, offers numerous animal protection laws, more pet-friendly retail, and higher availability of pet-inclusive multifamily housing.

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PIHI Case Study #3: J.C. Hart Company