Growing Resident Retention with Pet-Inclusive Rental Housing

In Season 3, Episode 1 of  The Leasing Highway Podcast (hosted by the Apartment Association of Metro Denver), Michelson Found Animals’ Industry Principal Judy Bellack and Jamin Harkness, former Executive VP and Partner of The Management Group (TMG), joined the series to discuss the benefits of pet-inclusive housing and how rental owners and operators can grow resident retention by alleviating restrictions such as breed and weight restrictions for pets.

Podcast Series Questions:

    • How would you summarize the overall state of pet friendliness in the multifamily housing industry?
    • What are the financial and operational benefits of being pet friendly?
    • What is the level of pet friendliness in your portfolio and what are the benefits you see from them?
    • What are some of the ways operators can increase their pet friendliness and bridge the disconnect of pet friendliness vs. pet inclusive?